Process Engineer
Process Engineer

General Description:

The Process Engineer transforms low value impure minerals and by-products of other processing operations into commercially valuable products.
Responsible for evaluating existing processes and configuring manufacturing systems to reduce cost, improve sustainability and develop best practices within the production process.
Supervises the different operational parameters in production processes in order to avoid deviations and continually improve their productivity.
Prepares different reports for management.
Coordination of projects or process changes (laboratory tests, plant tests, design and installation of new equipment, etc.).

Specific Aknowledge:

• Flotation Systems:
-Mineral liberation & selective flotation
-Dewatering (Thickening, Filtration & Drying)
-Magnetic separation
-Ability to apply mass balance and thermal balance methods
-Tailings management
• Crushing and grinding System:
-Jaw crusher, hammer mill, rod mill
• Dry grinding System:
-Pebble mill, jet mill, air classifier mill & Dense phase pneumatic conveying
• Packaging System
-Valve bags
-Semi bulk bags
• Treatment Process
-Blending and reacting various surface treatment recipes
• Process control
-Understand PLC logic for troubleshooting or programming Instrumentation

• Analysis and interpretation of data related to different formats generated in the operational areas.
• Statistical Process Control (metallurgical results, productivity of the areas, reagent consumption, etc.).
• Analysis and improvements in equipment involved in the plants.
• Analysis for improvements in quality systems, safety and environment.
• Research and engineering applied to productive processes (Metallurgical Balance, Material Balance, production costs, etc.).
• Coordination of tests scheduled for the processes.
• Training support (exposition of technical courses).

Experiencia: 5 years

Sueldo: 25,000 netos + Prestaciones Superiores a Ley